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Slide Bringing Your Life TO Our commitment to excellence has catapulted different brands and products into the spotlight by giving them a heartbeat. Behind every great brand is a great story and we work hard to learn, highlight and then spotlight your story. Brand


In addition to being a bilingual company, our level of execution in all the projects we work sets us apart in our industry.

Headquartered in Long Beach, California and with a cumulative fifteen years of experience, we have worked with a number of prestigious corporate companies, brands and products. Our client list ranges from the automotive, restaurant, wine and spirits, hospitality, food, and style areas of life and philanthropy.

With a tradition of excellence, we strive to offer our clients and our community a transparent and honest way of doing good business.


Roberto Carlos Lemus

Roberto Carlos Lemus, expert in marketing with a corporate background of over 13 years, serves as business developer and financial director. Known for his business developments of the renown gastronomy platform and brand Exquisitamente which includes a community of more than one hundred restaurants and celebrity chefs such as Ingrid Hoffmann and Katsuji Tanabe, among others. Roberto has the knowledge and experience to grow your brand to the next level.

José Díaz Romero

At his side, José Díaz Romero, who began practicing his profession as a journalist between the production and conduction of television programs in his country of Colombia and later in the United States working with the NBC Universal / Telemundo network where he stood out as a producer, reporter and presenter, and who leads the creative part of all internal projects.

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